My Services


Leadership Coaching

What’s stopping your from ‘Creating Excellence’ in becoming an excellent and powerful leader? As a really effective leader myself, I know exactly what it takes to overcome barriers and challenges and use my own vast resources of creativity to make you see things through other eyes, in a non-directive way.

Public Speaking Coaching

What’s stopping you from ‘Creating Excellence’ in becoming an excellent public speaker? As a professional broadcaster and performer for the last thirty years and more, I can show you some of the amazing tips and techniques that I have learnt and developed and teach you how to become a powerful, effective and inspiring public speaker.

Confidence Building Training

What’s stopping you from ‘Creating Excellence’ in all aspects of your business and personal life? Confidence is key to any form of success, ask any successful  person. As a successful business person  with over thirty years and more experience of working in  Business, Broadcasting and Education in Britain, Europe and America, confidence has  been central to my success. I can show you  how to turbo charge your self-confidence and become more confident in all areas of your life.