Leadership Coaching

gwennocardWhat’s stopping you from ‘Creating Excellence’ in becoming an Inspiring and Powerful Leader?

As a really effective leader myself, I know exactly what it takes to overcome barriers and challenges and use my own vast resources of creativity to allow you to see new solutions, in a non-directive way. I am always focussed on successful goals and positive outcomes in a fun way. I love uncovering people’s lost ‘sparkle’.

Being a leader is perhaps the hardest challenge any of us will ever face. It can sometimes be a lonely place to be, with many challenges and much at risk, sometimes other people’s futures and vast amounts of money in the balance. No matter how long we work at it, practicing the right behaviors is a never-ending task. Knowing – and avoiding – the wrong ones is too. So ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you ever need to discuss issues with someone outside of your company but never know where you can have that safe space to mull things over and come up with new exciting innovative solutions?
  • Does fear stop you from making decisions affecting your company and your most precious resource – your staff,  from  moving forward?
  • How do you get through that glass ceiling stopping you from reaching the board room where you belong?
  • What skills do you need to develop to become the leader that you aspire to being?
  • Are your values affecting your ability to move forward in your career?
  • What could you achieve if you were in that perfect place in your career?

Through use of incisive questioning and non-directive coaching  I am  able to show you the route, and some short-cuts too, for you to get to the top of your own particular mountain. Come on up – the view is AMAZING!

Who is the Leader in your own life?

  • Do you ever feel ‘stuck’ or paralyzed in your work or personal life?
  • Can’t move forward in any way for fear of making the wrong decision?
  • Can’t stand your work, your boss or your college course?
  • In the wrong love relationship, feel taken for granted or in a rut?
  • Do you feel you’re drifting through life – not really knowing what your ‘purpose’ is – Why am I here on this world?

If you answered ‘Yes’  to any of these questions then you need to be ‘Gwennoed’ – Yes, let me uncover your brilliance and allow you to develop the tools to be the one who makes brave and feisty decisions about the path you as Leader of your own life will take.

I can work on a one to one basis in person, on the phone or by Skype, Wales and world-wide so distance is never an issue and it can be at a time when you can focus on and invest in your needs. Because there’s only one of YOU in this whole wide world, so you might as well get the best possible version!

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