Powerful, Effective and Inspiring Public Speaking

As a professional broadcaster and performer for the last thirty years and more, I can show you some of the amazing tips and techniques that I have learnt and developed, to teach you how to become a powerful, effective and inspiring public speaker.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression whether that is as a keynote speaker,  in a television or radio interview, at a conference, a networking meeting, or at a party so it stands to reason that you should get as much help as possible, to bring the best of yourself to every public occasion.

How much has your fear of speaking in public already cost you financially? The confidence of your workers in your ability as a manager,  the next earnings band, a great job opportunity, the chance to bask in glory for your efforts in public, a coveted work tender which you have had to ‘sell’ to an audience?

Do you want to learn how to:

  • Become a great leader?

Great leaders are all usually great communicators.

This is what made Barrack Obama such an effective speaker and leader. 

Think Julia Gillard ( A feisty local Barry woman)

This was Julia Gillard’s best speech. 

MAXIMISE your potential in all the above situations and any scenario where you meet other people.

Make a really positive impact whenever you meet anyone.
Learn how to say more with less.
Say YES to every single public speaking opportunity that comes your way with genuine enthusiasm and excitement rather than dread.
Inspire and fire-up people up with your passion whatever that may be.
If you answer YES to any of these questions, then I’m the person who can reveal your hidden brilliance because I have:
Been a professional broadcaster and performer since 1980 working in television, radio and films throughout Wales, Europe and North America in various capacities.
Regularly worked as a Broadcaster for the BBC and S4C and as a Mistress of Ceremonies and Compere for various corporate events.
Am myself a highly successful public speaker having represented Wales in Public Speaking Competitions (Toastmasters Voice of Wales, Usk Speaking Club
Am a published writer and served my writing apprenticeship as a BBC Press Officer, writing Press Releases for the Radio Times..
Delivered the bilingual media training for the very first ‘Farming Connect – Agri-Academy’ when I coached 16 leaders from the farming world on how to deal effectively with television interviews.
Prepared all members of the Welsh Netball Team to be media ready for the world netball championships in Australia.
See Testimonials to see what some of my clients say about working with me on ‘Public Speaking’ and ‘Presentation’ issues.