General Testimonial about Gwenno Dafydd.      

“I have worked closely with Gwenno since the year 2000: as Chair of the Governing Body of Treganna Welsh Medium School in Cardiff, in seeking to support her pioneering work with the ‘National Saint David’s Day Parade’ and in an array of equality contexts.  As a key contribution to Welsh national life, Gwenno instigated and wrote the Welsh and English lyrics to the official ‘National Saint David’s Day Parade’ song which was launched in early 2008 by Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas at the Assembly. She instigated ‘The Pembrokeshire Banner’, which has now found a permanent home in Saint David’s Cathedral.  The Parade has offered modern Wales a warm and inclusive pattern of national identity which serves as an exemplar for those who aspire to creating a fair and equal nation and Gwenno’s role in the tremendous growth and development of the parade is unquestionable. I recommend her also as an actor, singer and creative writer of considerable ability.”                          

Reverend Aled Edwards. OBE. Chief Executive Cytun (Churches Together in Wales)http://www.cytun.org.uk/staff-english.html

Leadership Coaching

“Working with Gwenno has given me a very safe place to confide certain issues that as a high profile County Councillor I would need to be very careful in disclosing to anyone. She has allowed me to consider, reflect and make conclusions on many challenging issues involving a great deal of tax-payers money. As a very public figure, coaching allowed me to explore and analyse quite complex decisions in a totally safe environment.

I have found Gwenno to be extremely thorough and professional in her approach. She gets the job done extremely effectively and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the outcome is a positive one. She’s also a very good laugh! “

Deputy Leader of a large City Council & Member of Executive for four years.

Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

“Gwenno Dafydd has been an excellent mentor and life coach over the past few months.  Her guidance has affected my business and personal life in a most positive way.”

Warmest regards,

Malan Breton – International Couturier   www.malanbreton.com

(I met Malan Breton socially when we both sang in a piano bar off Broadway in New York in March 2011 and we worked together professionally through email, phone and Skype from  October  2011 to  Spring 2012.)          http://www.donttellmamanyc.com/piano-bar

Career Coaching                                                                                   Actor and Writer Edward Llewelyn.                                                   Having found Gwenno via a network event I was unfortunately unable to attend, I thought I would give her a try in regard to how to bring the best out of myself. I was not disappointed. She makes you feel 100%  and brings out the best in you making you confident, assured and  determined. Having experienced a small amount of time in her company, she gave me some notes on how to improve and carry on the development work we’d discovered during our session. Since I met with her I’ve been trying to put into practice what I have learnt  it takes small steps but ones I have no intention of giving up on. I’d definitely recommend Gwenno Dafydd. She’s brilliant!    http://www.edwardllewelyn.co.uk/

Public Speaking  Coaching    

“Gwenno Dafydd offered to assess and evaluate my performance as the  Keynote Speaker at the Introbiz Business Show  at The Cardiff City Stadium on the 27th September 2012. Her comments on my speaking style and her constructive suggestions for improvement were very much appreciated. I can thoroughly recommend Gwenno’s services to any person who wishes to maximise their Public Speaking Skills.” 

Kevin Green  ( Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire – Keynote Speaker) http://www.kevingreen.co.uk/press/


Public Speaking             

“Gwenno is a lovely lady who has  helped me with my public speaking. Her feedback is invaluable and her  positivity is contagious. I highly recommend her and wish her well.”

Bindu Fiona Cardoza
MSc HRM Assoc. CIPD and Member of Cardiff International Toastmasters Speaking Club

Coaching & Public Speaking Training                                      

“I have been working with Gwenno Dafydd over the last few months mostly on issues to do with self-confidence and it being a barrier to me developing my business. We did some extensive coaching on public speaking together. I am from Serbia originally and so I am very nervous about speaking in public as my first language is not English. We also made a short ‘before and after’ film together promoting my business and I am very proud of the difference in my presentation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbaDa6uaQM4

Gwenno has been very supportive of me and my work since I approached her for help in February 2012. She has really helped me develop in confidence on so many aspects of my working life and I am so happy to have had her as a coach. I can really recommend working with Gwenno. She’s brilliant!”

Tanya Igic. International Award winning jeweller. http://www.tanyaigic.co.uk/about/

On the spot Public Speaking Training

“A BIG thank you for all your hard work, you did an amazing job for us and really made our Eisteddfod presence exceptional!! Suffice to say you were worth every penny and your hard work throughout the week was amazing. Look forward to working with you again soon!”                                    

John Jackson,  Marketing and PR Manager. http://chwaraeteg.com/

Media Training for the Inaugural Agri-Academy event.


” We all lead busy lives and quite often say to ourselves ‘we will do that tomorrow’ or ‘if only I had enough time’. I must say though that the day I spent on a course lead by Gwenno was most definitely time well spent and would encourage anyone to find the time. She made it enjoyable and fun but was totally professional. The section on media skills I have found very useful since completing the course.”

Dai Miles.  Managing Director Calon Wen Organic Foods. http://www.calonwen-cymru.com/default.asp?contentID=6

“The training that Gwenno provided was a fantastic introduction to media training that provided me with both the skills and confidence to work effectively with the media. Gwenno’s style and personality further created a fantastic atmosphere that was more than conducive to learning.  Further to this, the use of specialized equipment, particularly two television cameras for filming and playback moved the training session from the abstract firmly into the concrete.  It was one of the best training sessions I’ve ever been fortunate enough to attend and would not hesitate for one second to recommend Gwenno.”

Aled Jones (Course Participant. Currently studying Law at Oxford University )

Confidence Building and Networking Training       

“The response was very enthusiastic from those who attended the ‘raising self-confidence’ and ‘pitching’ courses that Gwenno delivered for us. Her understanding of the industry and the subject matter as well as her energy and enthusiasm make her a very special trainer and one that we will be calling on time after time to work with us.”

Siân Gale,  Manager CULT Cymru,  Creative Industries Learning Project.

Welsh Assembly Dynamo Role Model  

“Gwenno’s Dynamo Role Model presentation was a great success with our Networking Entrepreneurial Women (new@glam) Network at the University of Glamorgan. Her key messages really struck a chord with participants, one of whom wrote afterwards “I learnt a lot from our speaker today, She has really motivated me that I can be anything I want to be with hard work”. If you would like a similar impact, Gwenno’s the woman to engage!”

Christine Atkinson, Head of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Senior Research Fellow, University of Glamorgan. http://enterprise.research.glam.ac.uk/women/network/

Life Coaching 

“As a successful and exceptionally busy television presenter, I have had several issues over the last two years trying to get a better balance between my work and my life. A great deal of my time was taken up because a close family member who has mental health issues, was not taking responsibility for their own life. As a result, I was having to spend a great deal of my spare time and energy dealing with court cases and red tape on their behalf. Since I started working with Gwenno, she has made me aware that I am not responsible for this individual  or the mistakes that they make in their life and that has enabled me to psychologically break away from them and I now realise that I don’t need to constantly ‘rescue’ this person.  As a result, I now realise how much time I used to spend mopping up others problems. These days I am starting to really enjoy a better balance of work and fun in my life.  Gwenno has really changed my life for the better and I would recommend her highly if anyone wants to thoroughly understand what is holding them back and to break through those issues.”

Shopping Channel Presenter. London.

Life Coaching 

“I spent an afternoon speaking with Gwenno when I was in a very lost stage of my life. I had no real direction or passion for anything. I was aimlessly remaining on an University course I hated because I couldn’t see another option. From spending that time with her I learnt how to find and achieve my own personal goals. We spoke of all manner of different aspects of my life and experiences and she taught me a method of approaching the lifestyle I wanted for myself and she made me feel completely comfortable while doing so. It’s down to Gwenno that I’m doing as well as I am now. I’m now awaiting an interview for a new University course studying Art & Design,  I recently applied and got a job for a much rivalled position in a shop suited perfectly for my lifestyle and I’ve began making money from my efforts by starting myself up as a free lance photographer. I wouldn’t have been able to do any of these things without the help I was given. I was well and truly Gwennoed!”

JM 19 year old student from Burnham on Sea.

Mistress of Ceremonies  

“We at 2Getha Promotions Ltd, the official organisers for Miss Universe Wales, recruited personality/broadcaster Gwenno Dafydd as the Master of Ceremonies for our Grand Final on March 10th 2012 at the Coal Exchange, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff Bay. Gwenno opened the first and second halves of the event with her warm sparkling and witty personality, communicating in both Welsh and English.

Gwenno managed her role with the required amount of dignity and gravitas expected from an MC, but with the added entertaining glamour and colour of a seasoned professional

Gwenno was also a pleasure to work with, fitting in with the usual unforeseen changes on the day with confidence, spontaneity and flexibility, and with no Diva moments!!

We would certainly recommend Gwenno as an MC/Presenter for other shows.”
Vivienne Sharman-Lewis, Director; 2Getha Promotions Ltd  & Director; Miss Universe Wales


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  1. Edward Llewelyn

    Having found Gwenno via a Network event I was unfortunately unable to attend, I thought I would give her try in regard to how to bring the best out of myself. I was not disappointed. She makes you feel 100% alive, brings out the best in you making you confident, assured and determined. Having experienced a small amount of time in her company, she gave me some notes on how to improve and carry on the work we’d found during our session. Since I’ve met with her I’ve been trying to put into practice what I have learnt; it takes small steps but ones I have no intention of giving up on. I’d definitely recommend Gwenno Dafydd. She’s a great coach!

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