Gwenno attended our final camp with the Welsh Netball squad  prior to departing to represent Wales in the Netball World Cup in Sydney Australia where we achieved the country’s highest placing 7th in the world . Gwenno delivered a workshop on Media Training and made it fun and interactive which all the squad enjoyed after a long day in camp. Gwenno was able to draw on and share with the Welsh players and management, her many years of experience in this area. The workshop was informative and the tips that Gwenno shared with us we certainly used under the intense media glare at the Netball World Cup Many thanks Gwenno for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us
Trish Wilcox
Head of Elite Performance Welsh Netball
Working with Gwenno has given me a very safe place to confide certain issues that as a high profile County Councillor I would need to be very careful in disclosing to anyone. She has allowed me to consider, reflect and make conclusions on many challenging issues involving a great deal of tax-payers money. As a very public figure, coaching allowed me to explore and analyse quite complex decisions in a totally safe environment. I have found Gwenno to be extremely thorough and professional in her approach. She gets the job done extremely effectively and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the outcome is a positive one. She’s also a very good laugh!
Deputy Leader of a large City Council & Member of Executive for four years
Gwenno is a lovely lady who has helped me with my public speaking. Her feedback is invaluable and her  positivity is contagious. I highly recommend her and wish her well.
Bindu Fiona Cardoza
MSc HRM Assoc. CIPD and Member of Cardiff International Toastmasters Speaking Club
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